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We offer original music that is available to you or your church at no cost.
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Anything Between Us 
This song helps us realize that Matt. 18 is for us, not just everybody else in the body. It's great right before communion and take the time to stop and do it before going on to those holy moments.
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Down on My Knees 
This song gets us to a place of humility before God.
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Drink Offering 
Paul sees his life like the drink offering of the OT. It was unlike others sacrifices in that it was used up in the giving.
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El Elyon 
Our greatest place of strength lies in the acknowledgement of our weakness. This song reminds us of God's ability to fill any need we acknowledge as such.
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Fasten My Feet 
This song based on Ps. 119:133 is our prayer to God, which asks Him to"fasten our footsteps in His Word."
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It is impossible to praise God as He deserves to be praised without the help of the Holy Spirit. He must be the composer of the highest praise.
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I Fall Down 
What happens when we get in God's presence? We are keenly aware of His greatness and our insignificance. This song prepares our hearts to, like Isaiah, fall down.
I'll Give Back To You 
Based on Ps. 54 this song reminds us that when God works on our behalf it is our privilege to give back to Him.
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Keep My Eyes on You 
Who knows what one will encounter in one 24 hour period? In obedience for Stephen it meant being stoned to death. For Peter it meant walking on water. This song helps us with keep our eyes on our Lord.
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Let Me Lead Someone To You This Christmas 
This song helps us focus on giving God the best gift possible during the Christmas season... salvation for the lost.
That's Why I Praise Him 
God is so powerful that in only took one word to speak the universe into being and one deed to make me right in His sight. That's why I praise Him.
To Know You Lord 
Paul tells us that everything else is worthless when you discover that Jesus is the "Pearl".
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You Deserve all the Glory 
Here are the notes and chords to play this song of highest praise. On the ad lib section just allow a free place of worship.
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Full Joy 
What did Jesus mean when he offered FULL JOY? This song explores the means of experiencing it.
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It is Enough 
Korah was rebuked by Moses because he wasn't satisfied with the priviledge of being brought near. For me, it is enough.
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Lord of the Second Chance 
This song reminds us all that none of us is a first time offender where sin is concerned. We are saved because of God's unlimited grace.
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Lord of the Womb 
You were given a name while you were still in the womb. What a great thought.
Needy I Come 
When we are ready to admit that we are needy, then we have an instant delight... the realization that Jesus is near to the needy. This song helps us admit what He already knows...that we need more of Him in our lives.
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New Place 
Tired of where you've been spiritually. God is calling you to a new place far beyond what you have ever known.
One Life Laid Down 
Jesus said that in order to find life something must be laid down. If you have "died" to yourself then you will understand the means to live.
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Rock of Habitation 
David describes the Lord as his Rock of Habitation. Oh Lord, let this be so in my life. Whether my circumstances are easy or difficult, let me beat a path to Your door.
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Stand up and Give Him the Praise 
When the Lord has shown Himself GREAT in our lives we must offer up the praise that's due Him. This song reminds us to do just that.
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Sweet Perfume 
The woman who washed Jesus' feet with her tears is the picture of ultimate worship. This song with three melodies helps us open up our worship of the Lord in a personal way.
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War Goin' On 
We need to fight invisible, but real warfare with weapons that cannot be seen. Prayer is the way to become a Gatekeeper and protect the treasuries of the house of God.
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You Are The One 
All the years the Jews waited for the Messiah and then He came, THE ONE they needed. Don't miss THE ONE that can change your life.
Your Name is so Dear 
I could lose everything but the presence of God and survive. This song was written after a flood has destroyed precious photo albums and more.
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Making Worship Come Alive - Full Class Outline 
If you attended the Child Evangelism Seminar in Mar. or the CMTA convention in Nov. you may be interested in a full copy of my notes from the class. If you're short on paper or time just download the handout version.

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