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Here are a lot of different resources to help you grow closer to the Lord.

  • verse lists to help with special needs
  • prayer tools
  • lessons
  • etc.
Check out our books on prayer. They contain lots of insights to help you grow.

All About Satan 
Verse and thoughts that help us understand our spiritual enemy. Remember as you study about him that his greatest desire is for attention. Keep your thoughts focused on Jesus at all times.
Bible Study on the Book of Mark 
Here is a year's worth of lessons on the book of Mark. It's the next best thing to being at our women's Bible study in person. Be aware that this document was uploaded as it was prepared for oral teaching, not written publication.
Creation PowerPoint 
This file takes almost 4 hours to download, but if you have a ZIP or writable CD available you can use this tremendous presentation to teach children and adults.
Highlights from Answer to Prayer by George Mueller 
George faced many challenges we face today as Christian educators. It is the same method (prayer) that brings to same God to meet our need.
How to Handle Hurts in Ministry - full version 
Are you lickin' your wounds from a battle with a parent, a staff member, or the school board? Let's find out what God's Word says about the situation.
How to Pray for a Pre-Christian 
Verses and thoughts that guide our prayers for those we love who do not acknowledge Jesus as Lord...YET.
Olive Branch Christian Academy Document of Faith 
As we were seeking to find the Father's heart on whether or not to begin a school, our study of the Word and prayer resulted in these conclusions.
Olive Branch Christian Academy Promise Verses 
When God was laying the foundation of our school in spiritual vision, long before it stood physically, God gave us these verses of promise to encourage our hearts.
Spiritual Warfare Manual 
This booklet applies God's Word to spiritual warfare in a very practical way. How is the enemy trying to defeat you? See what God has to say about your situation and then act accordingly.
Spiritual Warfare Tactics Used on Job 
The attacks from Satan begin with the obvious... health, family, possessions and reputation, but less obvious tactics are revealed through the conversations with friends. Maybe the enemy has used some of these questions on you too.
The Fear of the Lord Bible Study 
A Bible study that will lead you to understand the most foundational spiritual truth of Scripture.
The Role of Faith in Spiritual Warfare 
Jesus tells us that through the shield of FAITH we can extinguish ALL the flaming missiles of the evil one. That means faith is pretty essential to victory. These verses helps us learn more.
The Tale of the Humble Peasant 
A story about a servant who knew the secret of pleasing the King. This is a parable that was written for our church's worship leader.
Verses about intimacy with God 
These verses show us the wonderful relationship God wants to share with us and the secrets He reveals to His friends
Verses for financial difficulties 
These verses will help you determine if your financial circumstances are caused by your own disobedience or as a result of warfare of the enemy. They will give you promises to hold on to in difficulties.
Verses for Leaders 
These verses apply God's Word to situations that leaders encounter. Whether you face conflict, integrity or the power of your own example, you'll find help in these verses.
Verses for our Nation 
Wonder how you should pray for our nation. This is a collection of promises and wisdom that show us the way from God's own Word.
Verses for Teachers to Pray and Believe 
Here is a hefty collection of my favorite verses for teachers. God's Words gives us many promises for the PUNCH in our lessons IF we abide in Him and IF we obey His Word. Meditate on these promises as you pray over your lesson preparation, your audience and the fruitfulness of the teaching.
Verses on Faith and Trust 
Is God planting a dream in you? Is He asking that you begin a walk of faith and trust. Here are some verses that will encourage you on the way.
Verses on Fulfilling Life Dreams and Desires 
Here is a collection of verses that is one of my favorites. They are verses that guarantee God's fulfillment of my highest dreams and desires. Of course locked within their phrases are God's requirements for me to fulfill.
What Marks the True Church of Jesus Christ? 
A study of the book of Acts reveals certain unmistakable marks of the true church. Use them as a measuring stick to mark the life of your church. Be careful though, they also measure your own individual walk with Jesus.

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